We Specialise in Solar Power

Mpriza Group Solar

We design, supply and install solar power systems that are ideal for your home or business.

We Specialise in Solar Power

If you’re looking for solar power in the Darwin area then look no further then Mpriza Group.

Our fully accredited solar designers can customise a solar power system to maximise your return on investment.

We can calculate accurately what power your system will produce, expected savings for the year and over the life of the system.

Our fully accredited installers will complete the installation to the highest standard, using quality parts and componentry.

We strictly follow Australian standards and Territory regulations.

Installation up to 10kW usually only takes a day.

10 year workmanship guarantee on the installation.

Local installer with local knowledge.

Our Solar Power Solutions

We offer the following solar power systems and products;

  • off grid solar power
  • grid connected solar power
  • grid connected with battery solar power
  • solar hot water

How Solar Works

  1. Solar Panels
    Captures sunlight during the day and converts it into direct current (DC).
  2. Solar Inverter
    Receives that DC from the panels and converts it into alternate current (AC ) – The electricity you use in your home. You use this electricity when you need it and send any excess back to the grid or to a battery storage system.
  3. Battery Storage
    Means any excess electricity your system generates can be stored for use later even when the sun is not shining.When the battery is fully charged, you can send the excess electricity back to the grid.
  4. Digital Meter
    Measures your electricity use and can tell you about your energy habits.
  5. Power Grid
    Receives any excess electricity you generate and a feed-in tariff can allow you to get a credit on your bill for that excess.You can also draw the extra electricity back from the grid if your system does not generate enough.

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