Dirty Solar Panels Can Cost You Money!

All high-powered appliances must always be kept in a good condition in order for them to function well and last long. This is the same for solar panels. Keeping your panels clean is vital to ensure that they can maximise energy production and reduce your electricity bills.

Your Solar Panels Can Be Accessed By Rooftop Pests

The gaps under the panels are shaded and warm, making it enticing for birds and rodents to nest in there. This can pose a huge risk because:

It creates unhygienic conditions on your roof.
Pigeon droppings can be acidic and corrode your panels
Your panels look unclean on the roof
Dirty solar panels cause energy loss, costing you money
High-voltage wires are exposed to being bitten by rodents.
Bird droppings and dirt on the panels can impact solar energy generation.

Solar Panel Cleaning & Health Check

As a part of our commitment to offer customers a one-stop solution to solar, RK Solar & Consulting offers these additional solar maintenance services.

What does this include?

Inspection of DC isolators on string inverter systems – we check for heat stress, cracking and water ingress which can lead to shorted circuits, reduction in output, and increased fire risks.
Checking all wiring and cables to make sure fasteners and connectors and fuses haven’t come loose.
Checking that the solar system turns off in the event of a power outage (anti-islanding test).
Checking for damage to frame and glass – could be hot spots, micro cracks, snail trails.
Checking the inverter enclosure is still tightly sealed.
A clean of your inverter to remove any dust.

Bird Netting for Solar Panels

How does this work?

Our qualified and fully trained team of technicians will safely access your rooftop panels to do a thorough inspection. We then install the bird mesh system with the use of specialised clamps without needing to drill holes.

Why is this important?

When inexperienced technicians drill holes on the panels and underlying components, it can void the warrant of those components, leaving you vulnerable. Our team will always ensure to protect the integrity of the solar components and your roof during our installation.

Why Bird Proof Your Panels?

Protect Your Panels from Damage

When birds start nesting on your roof and under your panels, you can expect a number of problems affecting your solar system. Firstly, there are a number of vital electrical wiring that run across the roof. If any birds tamper with these wiring, it can cause significant defects to your solar system. Next, bird droppings are highly acidic and have the ability to stain and erode your panels over time. This leads to a loss of function and consequently reduces your solar energy production. Unfortunately, this kind of damage is not covered by your solar panel warranty.

Protect Your Family’s Health

Pigeons and rodents can carry various parasites and diseases. Having an infestation of these pests on your rooftop can negatively affect your safety and health. Things like bird and rat droppings, dead animal carcasses and nesting materials can accumulate on your roof, making it an extremely unhygienic area that sits right above your living space.

Save On Extra Costs

How can bird proofing your panels save you money?

Protecting your roof

Bird droppings are known to be corrosive. If your roof becomes a nesting and perching spot for pigeons, imagine how much bird excrement can accumulate above your house. This can cause damage to the tiles on your roof and it also looks bad aesthetically from the outside. If at some point you decide to replace the tiles on the roof, that can burn a hole through your pocket.

Preventing Energy loss

Your solar panels generate energy and reduce your need to import electricity from the grid. This reduces your energy bills and brings you savings. However, when your panels have patches of bird droppings all over them, this can affect your panels’ ability to perform. Due to this, your system may experience lower energy yield, higher electricity imports from the grid, and as a result, an increase in electricity bills. Therefore, it is vital to keep them clean and free from any potential dirt and staining.

Why Choose Us for Your Solar Maintenance?


We have been installing and maintaining solar systems since 2010.


Our CEC accredited electricians oversee the electrical components in your solar system

Professional Equipment

As experienced installers, we have the necessary diagnostic and maintenance equipment to do a health check on your system, install a stainless-steel birds mesh and to clean your solar panels.

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