Premium Air Conditioning Cleaning Services Throughout Darwin

Over time, dust, pollen, and other particles can accumulate inside your air conditioning system and reduce its effectiveness.

You wouldn’t believe the stuff that comes out of air conditioners over time. Having a premium air conditioner cleans helps with:

Indoor & outdoor coils flushed for better airflow.

Increased energy efficiency.

Protects against drain blockages & water leaks.

Eliminating anti-microbial and airborne contaminants.

Cleaning Checklist

Can you see any mould spores?
Determine your mutli outdoor or single.
Do you have lots of dusts around the unit.
Is there a smell coming from your aircon unit.
Make sure your aircon has drainage.

Clear The Air By Having It Smell Fresh

Looking at getting a split system air conditioner installed in your home? Contact us today to arrange a free quotation. We specialise in the installation & repairs of split systems.

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Common Questions

Will it get rid of the smell.
Is there organic products used.
Can i clean the air conditioner myself.
best split system air conditioner
Do i have a blocked aircon filter
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