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Solar batteries are basically batteries that are charged by solar energy. A solar battery can store excess solar energy and use it to power your home applianceswhenever your panels are not able to (i.e during cloudy weather, rainy days, or at night). Solar batteries can also help power essential loads in the event of a blackout. When the Sun is out, your solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. A large portion of the solar energy produced is used to power your home. Any excess solar energy is then exported back into the grid, earning you feed-in-tariffs. Instead of exporting excess energy back into the grid, solar batteries offer you the option of storing and using solar energy during peak periods. This reduces your electricity usage and essentially brings down your energy bills further.

Why Should I Get A Solar Battery For My Home?

Savings – Gives you higher returns than feed-in-tariffs

Over the years, the feed-in-tariff rates offered by energy retailers have significantly dropped. Before this, solar owners could sell excess solar energy back to retailers for a reasonable price and save some money on their bills. However recent rates offered by the retailers meant that customers are buying energy at a higher rate than their selling price. It really doesn’t make sense to be selling excess energy anymore.

Nowadays, the best way to get a good return on your solar system is by self-consumption. With solar batteries, customers can store excess solar energy production instead of exporting it and utilise it when electricity rates are high (peak rates). This can significantly reduce your energy bills and put money back into your pocket.

Backup – Emergency electricity during a power outage

Solar batteries can help you access emergency power supply during blackouts. When your solar battery is fitted with blackout protection, your solar system can store and utilise solar power during power outages. This battery system can also be programmed to power certain circuits in your home, so you can choose which important appliances can receive power during a blackout.

Independence – Increased self-consumption

Solar batteries give homeowners and businesses the power to take back control of their electricity bills by storing, managing and using their own solar energy. By increasing solar self-consumption, homeowners can reduce their reliance on the grid, lower their bills, and safeguard themselves from increasing retail electricity prices.

Reliability – Reduced reliance on the electricity grid

Most households see higher electricity usage in the evenings when the whole family is back from work or school. Night-time energy usage requires you to import electricity from the grid and pay retail electricity prices. Depending on the level of household activity, you could be paying up to thousands of dollars a year in energy bills just for using energy during peak periods. This is where solar batteries can bring a huge cost savings for homeowners. Solar batteries allow you to store excess solar energy and use it whenever you need it. By powering your home with a charged solar battery, you are reducing the need to import from the grid, thus reducing your overall energy bills.

Can a solar battery work in a blackout?

This feature depends on your battery. Many solar batteries work in a blackout WHEN they are fitted with blackout protection. Others can automatically provide backup power as soon as an outage is detected. An example of this is the Tesla battery system, which is fitted with the Tesla Backup Gateway. The Backup Gateway manages the connection to the grid and automatically switches to backup power when it detects a power outage. If you want your battery storage system to be able to provide backup power, make sure to discuss this requirement with your solar installer. During power outages, we recommend that you backup essential appliances only. This way, the energy stored in your battery will be supplied to appliances that are critical to your safety, health, and communication. We can design the solar battery to back up essential appliances such as lighting, fridge, and power outlets while leaving out

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